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Poke chat room

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The latest version is available here.

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Avoid elongating your letters, and please do not use excessive caps.

The latest version is available here. I'm aware that a chat room may be hard to moniter for spam or trolls. Channels The Channels section is found on the left hand side of the Chat.

Pokébeach chat room

This spams up the chatroom. Please try to avoid posts with less than three words consistently.

So I propose some words be banned from room typed cuss words, and other inappropriate pokes. Only post your trade thre around chat every 24 hours. No off-site links are to be posted without having permission from a member of staff.

Please behave appropriately with this in mind. System Salamence is always present; staff members present can be found in order of the roles, similarly to the Staff Roster.

Pokémon go private chat

While generic chatspeak such as "lol" and "omg" is allowed, using entirely opke is not allowed. Please do not flood the chat with consistent messages nor spam.

As a general rule, please do not " -mention" roles. Nitro Booster users are found underneath the staff.

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A chat room would be for casual chatting, allowing the site chats to be social with one another just for the sake of being social. Trading here is poke considered off-site. Please room trade-talk to the trading chat-area. Please do not ask questions there.

Common sense says

This includes deleting messages and re-posting the content that you deleted. Along with a typing limit, such as no more then words per comment, and or no more then a certain amount of comments per minute.

You can get the attention of the relevant staff by using Reports - please only do this if actually needed. After that, any and all users present can be found in alphabetical order.

Users Present The Users Present room states the total of users for each poke. Staff is unable to chat edited or deleted messages - while it may pole quick and easy to trade here, please note that it's not necessarily safe.

The wiki-discussion channel is for discussing making changes to the wiki. Please avoid posting spoilers outside of the provided area.

Error: your browser must allow scripting for chatzy to function

The public chat is under a PG guideline. PFQ has different channels for different things.

This way a need for a person to moniter the chat room will be limited. Right now people can talk to each other in forums, but this is mainly to discuss a thre topic i. If you need to call staff attention, you may use Reports.

Please don't turn the chat into a roleplay room. This is not its intended de.