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Greetings from twin falls wanna chat

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Greetings from twin falls wanna chat

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Added footage text by Matthew G [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is sitting in the living room and Phoebe is standing in the kitchen as the phone rings. Could you get that?

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I work here. Rachel: returning with her purse covering her face All right, it won't come off!

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You're right. Where is it? Phoebe comes back into the living room Oh, Phoebe, I'm so sorry.

Now, she feels terrible! Points to Joey in his gladiator suit posing for a picture with two old ladies. Monica smiles at Chandler who sarcastically smiles and then frowns.

All right? I mean, you live alone, you don't walk around naked. Ross: My nana used to do it.

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Chandler: Huh. Can you put him on? Rachel: No! She didn't feel anything for him.

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Chandler: How do you feel about the, "I really did forgot the present, please forgive me" not fake out? Phoebe: You guys are here!

Phoebe: Not-not here. Points in the other direction. Las Vegas, one! Kicks off the other one.

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Ross: All right I guess I'm, gonna go pack. Vhat them each one from her purse. Ross: What?! Thank you! Rachel: No, not really.

Rachel: Ross! Joey: entering Hey-hey-hey you made it! Chandler: Wow!

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Joey: Look, I don't have it all worked out yet, but it's gotta mean big money! Just 'cause you're too lazy to get up off your touchie?

Yeah, my-my friends are here, I'm gonna take a little break. A guy tipped me a hundred bucks today. You can not ever see him again! Chandler: I don't know, Twn very tired.

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Monica: It was, it was really nice. I love you! Phoebe: I love Vegas!

Monica: Ditch you? Rachel: Well I believe I'm going to stab you repeatedly.

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Rachel: Yeah, all right. Phoebe: Ohh! He has drawn a moustache and beard on Rachel. Chandler: To Monica Happy plane-aversary.